lightning illuminates an ash cloud that extends ten kilometres high in this june 5, 2011 eruption of puyehue volcano, near osorno in southern chile. known as a dirty thunderstorm, this phenomenon is yet to be explained by science, as the source of the lightning (or the specific mechanism by which particles of differing charges are separated in the ash cloud) continues to be debated.   

photos by (click pic) claudio santanaivan alvarado, francisco negroni and carlos gutierrez.  (see also: the eruption of japan’s sakurajima volcano and the eruptions in eyjafjallajokull, iceland


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tapped the breaks

Vine by Lauren Lavoie


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the fact that the people of the westboro baptist church were allowed to form protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers saying saying god wanted them to die, that god hates them, etc. and weren’t removed because they were still “under the law of the amendments” but when people peacefully protesting the ignorance of media due to the young boy who was MURDERED unjustly are being beaten, arrested, and brutally injured even though they are using the amendments of the same bill


Honestly. Reblog this if you aren’t racist.


It brings me to tears seeing my people get killed by the people that are supposed to keep the world SAFE, protect us from crime, when they are killing us and hurting us when we are doing no harm to anyone. Why must we be afraid to walk outside of our homes in worry of being patronized or killed for the color of our skin? #STOPRACISM.

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The WWII history nerd in me is seriously loving this.

Portraying comic book heroines and villains in a vintage style is seriously awesome, especially since many of the characters debuted during this era.

Ant Lucia, you are a genius.

(Images via Ant Lucia and DC Comics)

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